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Step by Step How to fix IPhone 6 Not Connecting to Wifi

iPhone 6 is one of the best phones you can ever use. Since it was launched to the market, many users love using the product, because of its high-end values. However, a few problems keep manifesting which users always complain about. One major problem users have always complained about is the connectivity problem.

You need to connect to the internet for you to use most of its features. Your phone needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi before it could have access to the internet. This is because several features of the phone need constant updating and this cannot be possible unless it connects to the internet, as these features were only available on the internet.
You can now see that the efficiency of your phone largely depends on its Wi-Fi connection. Connectivity problem is the greatest challenge confronting iPhone 6 users worldwide.

This Guide is a basic guide of the one found on MacCrunch about iPhone 6 Not Connecting to Wifi

However, there are various ways out of the problem. This tutorial would simply take you by the hands and guide you on how to fix the problem permanently so that your phone would connect to the internet. These methods are simple and owners of the mobile phone can do them. You do not need to be a technical expert before you can try any of the tutorial described below and solve the connectivity issue.
Here are the simple steps, which you can take today to solve this problem:

1. Try to reset your mobile phone network setting

The first thing that you need to do to connect your iPhone 6 is to reset its network settings. Here are the simple steps to reset it.
Go to the setting tab in your iPhone 6 mobile device
Choose the General tab and select the Reset option tab
Reset the Network Settings
When you are through with this process, you would observe that the phone would reboot itself. If there were anything you saved in the system such as a password and other things, these would simply wipe away. You may be required to input the details again to use your iPhone 6 Wi-Fi services.

2. Disabling the Wi-Fi settings

If the first step above does not solve your problem, you can try the second method. This method, which is also simple and easy to do, can restore connectivity problems in many mobile phones that were not connecting to Wi-Fi. Here are the simple procedures you can follow:
Reach out to your Settings menu of your phone
Get to the privacy tab and look for the Location Services
Scroll down the options and choose the System Services, and select the Wi-Fi Networking option
Select the Switch and this would automatically disable Wi-Fi settings of your phone.
When you have done the steps above, you have to turn off your mobile phone and reboot it. Try to connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi. This could fix the connectivity problem.

3. Factory Resetting your Phone

If the previous steps you took could solve the connectivity issue, the third solution that you can try is to carryout factory resetting of your phone. You can do this following the simple instructions below:
Select your phone Settings option
Select the General tab and subsequently the Reset option
Click on the Erase all Content and Setting, at this stage you would be required to enter your pass code if you already have one, but where none was never used, you have to proceed with the setting
Click on Erase iPhone option and this would approve the reset.
However, you should know that this step is not as fast as previous steps as it could take more time than you envisaged. The speed is usually affected by the services and apps you already installed in your mobile device. If this process prolongs, you should not be worried over that, as it is a normal process.

4. Try Resetting from iTunes 

Another solution to your iPhone connectivity problem is resetting it through your iTunes. You can do this simply by connecting to your computer and use your iTunes to get the device Reset. This might help resolve that problem for you. Here are the simple steps you can take to do that:First, you have to get your phone connected to your computer
Secondly, get to your iTunes and choose the phone, which you would notice in the dashboard
Thirdly, reach out to restore button, which you would see from the Summary tab
Allow a little time for this process to be completed and restart your mobile phone
When you observe the Hello Screen, set the iPhone using the instructions, which would appear in your screen
It is possible that this method would work for you, because it has worked for other people who have faced the same type of problem with their mobile phone Wi-Fi connection, it could work for you as well.

5. Updating your iOS

It is possible that you are encountering the problem because you have not upgraded to the latest version of iOS operating system. This is usually the case with those who are still using the older version of the iPhone mobile device. It is possible that the problem could be easily solved by migrating to the modern operating system. When you have migrated, you would see that the problem could be solved.

There is no doubt that you would permanently solve your iPhone 6 Wi-Fi connectivity problem by the time you try the five different methods demonstrated above. These are the known solutions to the problem.

Remember that you have to take these steps one after another. You have to try a new approach if the previous approaches have failed to work for you.
If after you have tried all the methods enumerated above, and you still find it difficult to resolve the problem then you might consider visiting the nearest apple store within you, as they would be in a better position to find the final solution to the problem. The problem might be technical, which would be solved by treating the technical problem.

Apple technician would check your phone to ensure that everything was working perfectly.

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