Sunday, 23 August 2015

Maxboost 24W USB Car Charger Review

Maxboost 24W USB Car ChargerI love gadgets, especially ones that work great, and look cool. I happen to drive a classic American muscle car, so needless to say it does not have a lot of plug in outlets for all of my electronic toys. When I was searching for a USB charger that could plug into my automobile’s cigarette lighter I wanted a unit that matched the slickness of my vehicles interior. As soon as I saw the Maxboost Smart Port Car Charger online, I knew that I found the answer that would solve my problem.

The first thing I noticed was how little the unit is. After performing some more research, I found out that the equipment’s compact design is one of the smallest size car chargers on the market. I do not have a lot of extra room, in my car’s center console, so I especially appreciate the size of the component. The slick black design matches my car interior perfectly. I even love the way the smooth blue, and silver lettering look. The Maxboost gives the impression of being as nice as the electronic gadgets that I am plugging into it.

I also appreciate quality products, and the Maxboost Car Charger certainly is made very well. The company uses a double injected body frame, featuring two types of high-end plastic materials, so it is made to last an incredibly long time. This is another great feature for me because I often drive around with my convertible top down in the summer. I know that this car charger will stand up to the test of time, and the wear, and tear caused by the Sun.

I use different brands of mobile devices. To me, it was hugely important to purchase a car charger with universal capability, one that could handle nearly any portable gadget. The Maxboost Car Charger easily powers my laptop, smart phone, and tablet. I highly suggest this device to anyone looking for a great car charger.


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Friday, 21 August 2015

Anker Astro Mini 3350mAh Portable Charger Review

Anker Astro Mini BoxIf you are looking for a powerful, reliable way to charge your electronic devices anywhere and any time, you are not likely to find a better product than the Anker 2nd Generation Astro Mini Portable External Battery Pack/Charger. This lipstick-sized charger is ultra-compact and packs some serious charging power: it adds over 7 hours of battery life (talk time) to an iPhone 5 and nearly a full charge (over 70 hours of audio playback, etc) to most other phones. It is available in a wide variety of colors and recharges in 3-4 hours using a 0.8-amp adapter (sold separately) connected to the micro USB cable (included with the charger).

Consumers have indicated that they are extremely pleased with the Anker 2nd Generation Astro Mini Charger. Some of it’s most popular points and features include:

Anker Astro Mini Size Comparison• The convenient, compact shape and size
• The sturdy, durable design
• When using a USB wall charger, the 3-4 hour standard charging time can be reduced to less than 2 hours
• Devices can generally be fully charged twice from a single charge of the Anker charger
• The price is excellent for a product that is so versatile and can charge so many different devices
• An auto-cutoff feature to save power when the charger is not in use or when the device has fully charged

The Reviews

Several customers have expressed their satisfaction with the battery pack/Charger not only for themselves, but as an added layer of security and convenience for elderly relatives who may need an easy way to make certain their cell phones are charged at all times. In inclimate weather or when out alone, a charger of this type can literally be a life saver. And with the Anker Astro Mini Portable Charger those old standbys, “Mom I missed your call/couldn’t call you when I got there/didn’t return your call because my PHONE DIED!” will go right out the window! The Anker 2nd Generation Astro Mini Portable External Battery Pack/Charger is available at:


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Saturday, 25 July 2015

UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless stereo speakers consist of two units: a principal speaker unit combining the loudspeaker itself using the RF receiver, as well as RF transmitter unit. The transmitter connects for your audio production of any audio devices UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Speaker for example hi-fi equipment, televisions, computers, ipods, etc. An Audio plug is normally used to make this happen. The receiver lies the place that the listener wants the sound being, giving the freedom to advance the wireless stereo speakers around without the need of using cables. The receiver/speaker unit generally contains a guitar amp to improve the audio signal to the loudspeaker it's powered either by batteries or by an AC electric outlet. Batteries last for three or four hours some wireless stereo speakers are operated by rechargeable batteries.

iPhone 6 Slow Charging

Quick battery pack lifetime is amongst the common complications right now, whichever cellular phone you use. Nonetheless, which is not the sole trouble, since there's sluggish getting difficulty likewise, as well as it could be actually aggravating. In this post, you can observe 5 approaches to fix iphone 3gs 6 sluggish getting concern, and you can be sure that one of these alternatives will help you to charge ones product swifter.
In order to impose your own apple iphone more rapidly, facts shows that when you convert the device away - so it doesn’t throw away electricity whilst asking : that will limit the getting occasion. If you don’t desire to let down your own cell phone, no less than place the new iphone 4 within the "airplane mode". Of which task is a snap.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Step by Step How to fix IPhone 6 Not Connecting to Wifi

iPhone 6 is one of the best phones you can ever use. Since it was launched to the market, many users love using the product, because of its high-end values. However, a few problems keep manifesting which users always complain about. One major problem users have always complained about is the connectivity problem.

You need to connect to the internet for you to use most of its features. Your phone needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi before it could have access to the internet. This is because several features of the phone need constant updating and this cannot be possible unless it connects to the internet, as these features were only available on the internet.
You can now see that the efficiency of your phone largely depends on its Wi-Fi connection. Connectivity problem is the greatest challenge confronting iPhone 6 users worldwide.

This Guide is a basic guide of the one found on MacCrunch about iPhone 6 Not Connecting to Wifi

However, there are various ways out of the problem. This tutorial would simply take you by the hands and guide you on how to fix the problem permanently so that your phone would connect to the internet. These methods are simple and owners of the mobile phone can do them. You do not need to be a technical expert before you can try any of the tutorial described below and solve the connectivity issue.
Here are the simple steps, which you can take today to solve this problem:

1. Try to reset your mobile phone network setting

The first thing that you need to do to connect your iPhone 6 is to reset its network settings. Here are the simple steps to reset it.
Go to the setting tab in your iPhone 6 mobile device
Choose the General tab and select the Reset option tab
Reset the Network Settings
When you are through with this process, you would observe that the phone would reboot itself. If there were anything you saved in the system such as a password and other things, these would simply wipe away. You may be required to input the details again to use your iPhone 6 Wi-Fi services.

2. Disabling the Wi-Fi settings

If the first step above does not solve your problem, you can try the second method. This method, which is also simple and easy to do, can restore connectivity problems in many mobile phones that were not connecting to Wi-Fi. Here are the simple procedures you can follow:
Reach out to your Settings menu of your phone
Get to the privacy tab and look for the Location Services
Scroll down the options and choose the System Services, and select the Wi-Fi Networking option
Select the Switch and this would automatically disable Wi-Fi settings of your phone.
When you have done the steps above, you have to turn off your mobile phone and reboot it. Try to connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi. This could fix the connectivity problem.

3. Factory Resetting your Phone

If the previous steps you took could solve the connectivity issue, the third solution that you can try is to carryout factory resetting of your phone. You can do this following the simple instructions below:
Select your phone Settings option
Select the General tab and subsequently the Reset option
Click on the Erase all Content and Setting, at this stage you would be required to enter your pass code if you already have one, but where none was never used, you have to proceed with the setting
Click on Erase iPhone option and this would approve the reset.
However, you should know that this step is not as fast as previous steps as it could take more time than you envisaged. The speed is usually affected by the services and apps you already installed in your mobile device. If this process prolongs, you should not be worried over that, as it is a normal process.

4. Try Resetting from iTunes 

Another solution to your iPhone connectivity problem is resetting it through your iTunes. You can do this simply by connecting to your computer and use your iTunes to get the device Reset. This might help resolve that problem for you. Here are the simple steps you can take to do that:First, you have to get your phone connected to your computer
Secondly, get to your iTunes and choose the phone, which you would notice in the dashboard
Thirdly, reach out to restore button, which you would see from the Summary tab
Allow a little time for this process to be completed and restart your mobile phone
When you observe the Hello Screen, set the iPhone using the instructions, which would appear in your screen
It is possible that this method would work for you, because it has worked for other people who have faced the same type of problem with their mobile phone Wi-Fi connection, it could work for you as well.

5. Updating your iOS

It is possible that you are encountering the problem because you have not upgraded to the latest version of iOS operating system. This is usually the case with those who are still using the older version of the iPhone mobile device. It is possible that the problem could be easily solved by migrating to the modern operating system. When you have migrated, you would see that the problem could be solved.

There is no doubt that you would permanently solve your iPhone 6 Wi-Fi connectivity problem by the time you try the five different methods demonstrated above. These are the known solutions to the problem.

Remember that you have to take these steps one after another. You have to try a new approach if the previous approaches have failed to work for you.
If after you have tried all the methods enumerated above, and you still find it difficult to resolve the problem then you might consider visiting the nearest apple store within you, as they would be in a better position to find the final solution to the problem. The problem might be technical, which would be solved by treating the technical problem.

Apple technician would check your phone to ensure that everything was working perfectly.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Step by Step How to Fix IPhone 6 Getting Hot Fast Problem

I-phone 6 unquestionably carried through many of the expectations people had. Its layout is not ordinary, the display is larger, and efficiency is impressive. For many fans that are iPhone, this version is the most effective potential one Apple launched. This version is being purchased by folks from throughout the planet, but many experienced an extremely disagreeable problem - the apparatus becoming hot extremely quickly. Thus, the use of the telephone number may be complex and challenging. We're planning to discuss 5 Methods to repair I-phone 6 getting warm issue that is quick, and ideally you'll see the big difference. I-phone 6 will not work far worse.

Solution Number 1 YOUR APPARATUS

It might aid, although this isn't difficult in any way. Just reboot your device by keeping and pushing Sleep and Aftermath switches. Select to switch off your I-phone when you start to see the red slider. After the device is off, duplicate what you did so that you can to show on the phone.

Solution Number 2 OFF UPDATES

To get this done, visit Configurations and select App-Store & I tunes. Locate software upgrades, automated downloads, and select away. Your telephone number will be cooled down by it.


You'll find lots of programs that can operate in the the back ground, also if they are not used by you in the minute. It could create the problem, which is the reason you need to flip away them. Visit Options, Basic, and select Background Program Refresh. Place to off.

Solution Number 4: RELEASE THE RAM

A lot of people often overlook most likely and the basic truth the greatest defect of the apparatus- I-phone 6 has just 1 GB MEMORY. You should free the Memory up sometimes, which might aid. There are many methods to do this. Apparent the cache with program specially-designed for it (you will find lots of programs you will see in the Appstore), un-install programs you may not utilize, and remove the documents you do not want. This way you are going to free the Memory up, the warmth problem will be-gone, as well as your device will not work far worse.


Recover to factory settings can be used as the best option if you possess the problem by means of your apparatus. So that you can get this done, back-up most of the info. Link the telephone by means of your pc, after the I-tunes seems and find the device. Visit Overview Cell, and locate Recover choice. Click on it and after that again to finish the activity. Articles and all information in your I-phone 6 is likely to be removed, and after the pleasant screen is up, set your telephone number up .

Some consumers said that acquiring warm problem seems in the start, when the telephone is purchased by you and install most of the programs and things. As soon as you install whatever you needed, it could vanish. Yet, with one of these 5 Methods to repair I-phone 6 getting warm quick issue, you'll be capable of using your device without any problems, plus it is going to perform perfectly.

Step by Step How to Fix IPhone 5 Network/Cellular Radio Issues

When a man buy iphone5, you will find lots of awesome things you can do, also to find. In the same way as another version out there, naturally, this you have a few points that will not function correctly every so often. Several consumers experienced the system/mobile stereo problems. A few of these are: sluggish data-transfer over mobile system, not able to deliver and get e-mails on the system, can-not join networks like 4G G or LTE no mobile link, and many more. You're not in a position to make use of your phone normally because of everything. A lot of folks are on Verzion. For those who possess the exact same issues, and should you be also, listed below are FIVE ways to repair iphone-5 System/Mobile Stereo Dilemmas.

Solution Number  1 PLANE MODE

This option is the one that is most straightforward, plus it can let you eliminate issues you've.

Solution Number  2 IOS

One of many matters each person that is iPhone should be thinking about is the reality that iOS needs to be upgraded to the most up-to-date version. Ensure that you always check out this, and get it done, when the upgrade was not performed by you. It's going to fix some other glitches, and these problems at the same time. Ensure that you backup your iphone5 before you do something. Select Update and Options.

Solution Number  3 SYSTEM SETTINGS

This can be among the 5 methods to repair iphone-5 System/Mobile Stereo Problems which will aid. Regardless of who the provider is, attempt this, and ideally, you are going to repair the issue. Available visit Basic, and iphone5 Options. After this, select Re-Set System Settings, and after that alternative Re-Set. You are going to notice the option that is red-colored. So that you can validate the activity push on it.

Solution Number  4: ADD YOUR SIM CARD

This could function as important, and is really straightforward. Take away out of your device, and put it again.

Solution Number  5: IPHONE5 RESTORE

Ensure that you backup all of the information you've got in your apparatus in the event that you would like to conduct this task. Locate Reset, and measures which can be needed are to select Options, Basic. Faucet on Settings and Erase Content as soon as you are doing so. Support the activity. After this, set your iPhone up as a brand new apparatus.

These options may most likely fix the problems forever. Otherwise, get in touch with your provider, plus it will be solved by them.